We Care

We Care

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As they marched for the planet across a bridge seeming too far, these brave young protectors carried a simple but direct message. 

In less than two decades we have seen an over 40% collapse in the population of wild polar bears. All across the planet we are facing a massive ecological catastrophe, as more than 70% of all animal species are now in decline. 

Each day several hundred species now go extinct on this planet. Hundreds every  day. This is a disaster caused almost entirely by indifference and apathy.

We need to wake others and get more people to care, only then can we stop this. 

As these beautiful young souls say through their written signs succinctly;

"We Care".

Do you? 

This Limited Edition Fine Art Print is crafted by Europe's renowned master printers in London.

Using only the most carefully selected of artisan papers and inks, each piece responds to natural light in a beautiful way - representing the subject in stunning depth. 

At archival quality of the highest grade, this art is made to inspire through its natural richness. My artwork is also completely carbon neutral, and funds key tree planting projects as well as grass routes action to save natural habitat and protect the Earth.