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Puma, Cougar, the Mountain Lion - whatever you call these incredible beings they are always stunningly beautiful. Among the most resourceful and adaptable of all big cats, these incredible animals live alongside millions of people across the Americas. 

I find these animals to be among the most intelligent of all, and it shows in their understanding of how to survive beside humanity. It is an incredible fact that despite living beside human cities few Puma's ever confront people, and when they do it is usually just to warn us or pass by in peace.

In this shot a young Puma picks up the scent of another animal. 

It is truly a great honour to watch this stunning American hunter at work. 

This Limited Edition Fine Art Print is crafted by Europe's renowned master printers in London.

Using only the most carefully selected of artisan papers and inks, each piece responds to natural light in a beautiful way - representing the subject in stunning depth. 

At archival quality of the highest grade, this art is made to inspire through its natural richness. My artwork is also completely carbon neutral, and funds key tree planting projects to support natural habitat recovery.