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A leopard is master of hiding and hunting. Revealing themselves only by choice, they will see you before you ever see them.

We only find those that wish to be found. 

To approach any Leopard we must be respectful and present. They are incredibly powerful yet usually very peaceful. When a Leopard allows another being into their space there is a certain etiquette expected which only the foolish ignore.

Those who forget what this means are gently invited to remember...

With a gesture we see their pure power in beautiful form.

If you ever forget what raw power is then this piece will ensure you remember.


This Limited Edition Fine Art Print is crafted by Europe's renowned master printers in London.

Using only the most carefully selected of artisan papers and inks, each piece responds to natural light in a beautiful way - representing the subject in stunning depth. 

At archival quality of the highest grade, this art is made to inspire through its natural richness. My artwork is also completely carbon neutral, and funds key tree planting projects to support natural habitat recovery.